12 - What is a vibratory rise?

Dernière mise à jour : 2 déc. 2020

Everything that is alive is energy, vibratory frequencies, electromagnetic exchanges. This state may vary depending on the vibrations of everything around you, including stones, plants, trees, animals, humans, places ...

The human being is not designed to live in cities, the vibratory level of these being disturbed and low, according to the artificial life which composes them. Metal masses, buildings, wifi, vehicles, antennas, cellphones, poor energy conceptions of houses, lack of oxygen, stressful activity, lack of greenery and balancing elements like water , the sun veiled by pollution ..... etc ... contributes to lower the vibratory level of all forms of life on earth.

The planet due to the pollution of the oceans, rivers, the number of satellites crisscrossing the planet's sky, the current mental state of humanity following its being taken hostage, has seen its vibratory level drop, causing problems of psychic confusion, driving away humans towards a descent into hell.

Conscious people are looking for places where they can recharge their batteries, allow them to find themselves, and get back into vibration. But all this is only random, if a constant state of balance is not made, such as relaxation, oxygenation, breathing, mental void, meditation, use of revitalizing music (such as music from the future), meetings social, joy, beauty, creativity .... that is, everything that builds, and not destroys. Everything on this planet and to review and transform.

Currently we are at the end of the learning of the fifth race, in order to allow the birth of the sixth race, or the opening of the frontal chakra. The vibratory state at present is deplorable, requiring constant adjustment. For this, all of the high spheres that surround us in space, and the monitoring of the earth by the positioning of the planets, as well as the presence of incarnated and non-incarnated beings of light, allow a vibratory level to be set up. in constant rise. Humanity is being born, and we are witnessing its birth.

As in any childbirth, it is the child who decides on the triggering of the opening of the cervix by engaging causing the contractions. If the child is afraid to be born, or if the mother does not want to let her child out out of possessiveness, or fear, the labor will take longer. So we are currently witnessing negative frequency circulations slowing down the work of this birth.

How can we alleviate this suffering and speed up the work?

Everything is simple in the Universe, it suffices to pour out frequencies of LOVE, or vibratory surges. All beings in incarnations especially for this advent, and those who surround the planet, are currently pouring out tons of vibrations or frequencies of Love in order to move away low frequencies, and allow birth. The planets in alignment, and the end of the Pisces era conjunct at the end of the 26,000 year cycle, reinforces all this birth work.

But what is a vibration of Love?

For having lived it intensely, I can explain to you what it does, and produces.

Like a warm padded bath, penetrating each of your cells, love pours over you and filling you all within you. The feeling is wonderful, putting you in a state of ecstasy and well being never felt, with an effect that lasts for hours. You can never forget that. Your life afterwards cannot be the same. Whenever I am in discomfort, I think back to that moment of a night in June 1987 when 3 luminous beings came to see me, and all the worries disappear.

So when the time comes, you will also feel this and this wonderful act of Love that you will receive will make you forget everything, because it will come from the Heart.

Let go and let yourself go, you climb ...

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