13 - The Masters of Light are among us!

Dernière mise à jour : sept. 16

Difficult, isn't it, to imagine that beings more evolved than the majority of humanity can accept to live in incarnation, in heaviness, chaos, risks ... well in short, all that Mr. and Mrs. everyone has been fighting for 26,000 years. All like the teachers in your schools, came down for your development, your supervision, and guide you.

They are normal beings, who depending on their country of residence, the culture of the regions where they have accepted to descend, and the program for their incarnation, will often work in silence, inner strength, and experience. Thanks to them, all the races in the world will be able to grow up and find their way back.

On our beautiful Earth, several races coming from various corners of the galaxy, have incarnated, creating a diversity of individuals all more beautiful than the others, thus offering possibilities of awakening and multiple openings. Unfortunately the weaknesses of humans, did not allow a planned cultural development, constantly complicating the work of evolved beings. The descent of more evolved beings was therefore necessary at a very high level.

Each culture being different, it was necessary to allow the development of beliefs necessary for each one, and sometimes divergent, in order to allow all peoples to be able to grow while standing up. The origins of peoples according to their galactic origins, being different, it is indeed possible to note that each one believes to hold the truth. Only if we analyze the basis of each belief well, we see that all are based on the bases of obedience, respect, rhythm of prayer ... etc! But that does not make these human beings individuals capable of walking on their own in accordance with the laws of the universe. This therefore shows us that souls are learning, with the difficulty of a body needing to control itself.

The Masters are therefore there to rectify, often without the knowledge of humans, the trajectory of this end of time.

For security reasons, the true Masters of Light are discreet, their task is heavy and often painful. Living in a low frequency world is a real challenge. Their work is most often mental, and concerns the purification of the negative, and the rectification of frequencies. They often have to fight with the invisible, and against negative forces. It is like that in matter.

The biggest problem is teaching humans to walk on their own, with humans having the annoying habit of calling for help whenever things go wrong. We have come to an important point of convergence where everyone must be strong on their feet. You need to go forward. There will be no rescue, but an initiation forcing everyone to take responsibility for themselves and to discern the true from the false. Everyone is responsible for their actions, and will be held to account.

The true Master of Light will know how to listen, will bring you tools, but will make you dig the hole so that you yourself discover the treasure buried under your feet. They are there to guide you, not to support you. They will use their strength in times of danger like now, and give you the right advice to find your way back.

Times are running out, the trials are getting harder and harder, the Masters are there to get you to your destination, but on conditions that you want. Nothing will be done against your will.

At this very moment, incarnate Grand Masters of Light are present by continent in order to disperse the negative, renew the light, and raise the vibrations. Other Masters, are present by country, to counter negative forces, and protect humans in the process of evolution. Student Masters are also alongside the Grand Masters to lighten the burden and train. The great gathering is near.

Working with the power of the spirit is fundamental, center in silence on LOVE, and PUSH BACK THE NEGATIVE, in silence.

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