14 - What can be avoided: EVERYTHING

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To know what can be avoided, you must first know what to avoid and why?

This post calls for the realization of CONSCIOUSNESS, of what we are, or can become.

What is presently to be avoided is the destruction of humanity and of the planet, all made up of everything that is alive, that is to say everything, including our souls.

The only things that we cannot change are the ordering of the Universe, how it works, its chronology, and the why of these transformations.

But what we can change are our behaviors, our weaknesses, our actions, our fears, our organization, and above all our acceptances, in one way or the other. If what we are doing is not light, then put it in the trash ... (I prefer in the lake ...)

The imbalances since the last great war have allowed, after an experience of suffering, to promote everything that is destructive and not constructive. The lack of vigilance on our behavior and what it generates, allowed an unprecedented disorder, giving way to all kinds of negative exchanges. The current observation is proof of this.

Knowing that our actions are not trivial, and that evil is easier to do than good, is undeniable proof that humanity has chosen the easy over honesty. It is thereby constructing one's own downfall. However, some diamonds, even if they have a toad inside, can be cut to make a beautiful piece of jewelry ...

It is therefore taking into account all these examples, and observations, that we will understand that the vibratory frequencies, which have become lower and lower, have allowed the negative and the extraterrestrial forces of darkness to take root. The seduction they use, and the mental persuasion they use, have corrupted you to the point of creating the unthinkable in order to get you into their manipulation.

We are not alone in the Universe, and in this part of it, not all beings on this level are altar boys. Those who know how to use high vibratory frequencies, allowing to enter into resonance with the universe, know that as soon as we come into contact with the immensity of space, it is always possible to have exchanges with beings who can manipulate.

The power of the brain is endless, and most of us only use 10% of it. When the brain is able to function at a higher level, it corresponds to a development of all its light potential, transferred to the brain and soaring into space in order to explore its vastness. The most creative and intuitive beings develop sensory functions, such as touch, sight, hearing, smell, taste ... to achieve extra-sensory functions. These functions are transmitted by the brain, and allow the development of superior capacities that every attentive being should be able to develop. Only fears and blockages prevent reaching this state of light.

Artists and creators know this well, as long as they are vigilant all is well, but after drug abuse, and bad habits, they fall back into vibration and abuse narcotics to seek inspiration.

We can therefore avoid everything, and especially the mass manipulation of which we are victims at the moment. it is not necessary to believe in it, but only to understand it.

You will notice that in circumstances of manipulation, it is always those who shout the loudest who are the manipulators. They will always seek to defend themselves and lead people to believe that it is you who are abusing them. The weakest will be terrified, will accept the suffering for fear of paying the price. Any manipulation of mass is always fomented by beings imbued with power and money and in connection with the lower astral, or low vibratory frequencies ... those frequencies which do not wish you good.

We must therefore be strong and distinguish the good from the bad.

It is said: "The soft, the weak, I will vomit them up." Words of Jesus .... to meditate. But there are different ways we can act ... and get STRONG.

Know what to do to be ready:

Yes everything can be avoided for whoever wants it. For that it would be necessary to want it.

How can we invert a low vibratory frequency into a high frequency? By increasing our frequency ourselves !.

For this, it is important to know how to activate its frequencies:

- Meditation, sounds, music, drum and especially by thought.

- Release the pressure, for some by ignoring those in low frequencies, or by becoming aware and activating by sounds, mantras, or magic phrases ... LOVE.

Let us imagine that all the creative beings, ... the artists, ... the luminous beings on earth at this moment, mentally pronounce, according to their desires, when they want it, visualizing the transformation.

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