1- Overlap of the Ages, and End of the Precession Cycle of the Equinoxes

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We are currently, and for some time already, arriving at a concordance or alignment, the end to the cycle of equinox precession and overlap of 2 Era: the Pisces who goes and Aquarius who arrives in a new 26,000 year cycle. Something to feel stretched, even torn in our ways of living and thinking: the past and the future. Are we going to want to stick to our old habits, our onion skins... or accept to pass on a higher level, to hurry into the future! It's quite the individual conflict, becoming also social conflict if we don't understand why! Is there a solution, or do we have to accept this passage without knowing why? There is the question, there is the problem! How to navigate through this?

To begin..... let's try to understand:

The Cycles are approximately 26,000 years old for the equinox precession system.

The Ages are about 2,150 years old and are regulated according to the stars, 12 per cycle.

The end of cycles or eras are not linear and vary over time, by a few years. So the beginning of the Age of Aquarius does not begin on a fixed day, just as the Age of Pisces does not end on a specific day.

The Age of Aquarius happens to be in the beginning of the new 26,000-year equinox precession cycle. Hence the overlap of 2 cycles, and 2 eras at the same time, one ending and the other starting. The current phenomenon explains the differences and societal confrontations.

The Age of Pisces ends with the cycle of equinox precession or complete rotation of the eras system around the sun, to give way to the Age of Aquarius, and the beginning of the new cycle of about 26,000 years. In order to shift to another vibrational frequency, and help humans awaken to something else, like getting on a higher musical note.

While the Age of Pisces saw the birth of religions based on Christianity and Islam, the Age of Aquarius will be different. It will bring new teachings and life lessons, hence the emerging in the difference in thoughts and the need to move on to something else.

When the solar system finishes its transition, all lives move to a different stage in order to evolve on a higher note. This great upheaval does not happen overnight, but lasts for about 25 years unless the awakening is done more slowly due to a lack of awareness and desire to move on. But we are coming to the end of this time...

This transformation or transition should be done with acceptance and harmony, like a school cycle. Remember when we changed classes every year, and some repeated the grade depending on how hard they tried during the year. Currently, it is the work carried out during your incarnations over 26,000 years, which will allow you to move on to the next cycle, or not!

Each cycle of equinox precession is done at a different vibratory level, and in synchronization with other parameters such as the influence of another twin sun also moving in space, also known as binary solar system. Our solar system is binary like many others in our galaxy, thus creating a rhythm of evolution for humans and the planet, which is in synchronization with humanity by a period of evolution necessary for its learning.

At this moment, the Earth would be equidistant from the 2 suns, undergoing a significant influence in order to allow the PASSAGE to another level of consciousness.

The tugging of the previous forces related to the Pisces Era and its previous 26,000-year cycle, and the upcoming forces linked to the advent of the Aquarius Era and its new cycle, generates painful clashes between the two energies. Either a confusion between Shadow and Light, or Yin and Yang.

The alternation of these two energies with the evolution of cycles allows the stabilization of Awakening in living beings. The Shadows will have to give way to the Light in order to allow the evolution of living things and matter.

Those who want to stay in the Shadows will deprive themselves from their evolution in consciousness by attachment to materialism. That is to say without spirituality. However, any matter ends up degrading and disappearing without evolution. Which leaves little choice for the Shadow to survive.

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