2- Energies, or How do we work?

Dernière mise à jour : 15 déc. 2020

Quite the program...!

Did you know that your body is not only made of inert matter, but of life, of exchanges, and therefore of energy. Don't we say often: "I have no energy today, I am so tired!"

So how do we operate?

We should know that the cells of our body are composed of infinitely small particles: of atoms, electrons, transmitters of information ... just like in our galaxy! The infinitely small is the same matter as the infinitely large. Hence the need to respect our body.

We are beings solely composed of pure energy. So then, why are we not aware of the need to maintain this capital?

Because our brain, the guiding element, of this magnificent power station allows itself to be influenced by lots of parasitic transmissions, without control or reflections. It is then that unreflective behaviors are being developed, leading to involution, instead of evolution. Each behavioral aberration will have an influence on our physical and psychological health (emotions in particular), hence the degenerations and genetic transformations of the body.

The interference of our thoughts by external negative stimuli, will thus play to transform our behavior, and to obscure common sense, our capacities to resist being variable from one person to another. But what can we do?

It is for this reason that the importance of the alternation of Shadow and Light, as well as the evolution of Ages and Cycles are necessary. We have to understand that for our evolution we have to grow in a progressive way, in order to rectify the phases of negative learning. We are there, which is why we are torn between Darkness and Light in these times.

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