10- Enter into RESONANCE

Dernière mise à jour : 2 déc. 2020

Entering Resonance:

An electromagnetic wave is the result of the coupled vibration of an electric field and a magnetic field which vary over time.

An electromagnetic wave is capable of propagating in air as in vacuum. She is able to carry information. "Nathalie Mayer- Journalist- Natura Sciences"

We know that: The energies of our body are composed of magnetism and electricity, which makes us beings capable of emanating electromagnetic waves.

Our brain is also able to work like a powerful computer, and to create exchanges in space and with it. So far experiments have been done through machines, but few people dare to do so through the power of thought. However, using the potential of our brain is doable and free. Some do it without talking about it so as not to be called schizophrenics. However, if you dared, you would discover according to the developments of your senses, incredible and enriching experiences, allowing you to create, dream, and strengthen yourself.

To enter into resonance, it is above all a need of our whole being, in order to answer many questions left hanging in our life, but bringing us answers influencing the development of our whole being, body and soul. It is enriching food, meant to transform you.

To enter into resonance is to feel your body grow in space and time, and touch with our vibratory frequencies the immensity of the universe. It is also understanding that we are very small, in an infinite space, but that in this way you feel that you are one with the universe and what makes it up.

What is in you is identical to what is in space, everything works the same way, and the multiple exchanges with the life of the universe, build you, according to your own evolution. You want to know you will know.

For that, it will be necessary to become aware of the matter which composes you and surrounds you, while evolving in a healthy and pure way.

For this it will be necessary to be aware:

- your health through food that has not been chemically tampered with.

- of your thinking by balancing your psychic plane positively, such as getting rid of your fears ....

- Work on your energies and their circulation in order to lead to open all your energy centers, coccygeal, hara, solar, cardio, throat, frontal or 3rd eye, crown or coronal.

- Access awakening by opening your top of the head chakra, crown or sun light.

- Work the Kundalini, power rising from the sacrum to the top of the skull, like a snake, and bypassing the energy centers. Variable in size ranging from the size of a finger to that of an arm. Depending on the work on you, you will be able to develop it, but it will take time, and overcome all your barriers and prohibitions.

- Work on the balance of yin and yang energies coming out or emanating from the crown (Access to two complementary energies, purification and Love)

- You connect to the other relays in space,

- To drive your energies always positively, and to propel them in a positive goal and not of desire to control the others or the world. Cleanse the darkness of the world ...

Without positive intention, but for the sake of manipulation, it will not work, fortunately !!! The Universe is made up of light, not shadow, and burns down anything negative.

The pulsation of your frequencies, according to your level of consciousness, will explore the space, the universe, in order to find answers, and will teach you according to your awakening, allowing you to grow and fulfill yourself.

Imagine looking for a treasure, and this is you, being realized.

Get away from these dualistic discourses blissfully broadcast on the planet right now, and do not react to it. Turn your back on this nonsense. You have chosen your camp, it is strong, too and it is their right.

To fight for his rights and his conscience is magnificent .... we are currently witnessing the separation of the wheat from the chaff. No one has the right to dictate his conduct to one who walks upright.

Resonate, even timidly, and don't turn around. Remember Lot.

ATTENTION: Last minute communication from the Mother of the World

Love to you who are in turmoil at this time on Earth, my dear GAÏA! I am with you, above and below. My love has been with you for decades, and what you are going through may seem incredible, but very real.

The truth has been withheld from you, and many of you do not know what to think. Know that if this evolution is at its peak, it is not yet quite the end ... The forces of the Shadow are unleashed, and are responsible for this state, but they are going to their loss. That's why we haven't intervened yet

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