11 - Multidimensionality

Dernière mise à jour : 2 déc. 2020

Multidimensionality consists of the different parts of us in actions, in the ALL, space, time, living fractal of all that is alive, Love, creativity, vibration.

Each expansion of Consciousness is the emanation of our will, evolution and realization. The times that you live in this solar system are times of learning, but ... on other parallel planes, there are different worlds all different, where you can explore the different visions of these multidimensional worlds, and all those who come true, find their real families, and will be able to travel in space and time.

It is possible that many of you have kept buried in them, the memories of a different elsewhere, of different worlds, where you have lived and currently live.

Multidimensionality makes it possible to be here and elsewhere at the same time, and more. Yes, several times yourselves, and in relation to yourselves.

In these so-called superior worlds, time does not exist, only beauty, creativity, respect, purity and love exist. Everything is vibratory and pure. There is no pollution, the food is healthy and pure. The colors are luminous, since not covered by the bad vibratory frequencies of our negative thoughts such as fears, pollution, the egregores of the negative viral state that surrounds us. Know that life, in cities as we know it now, does not allow us to see the true colors, the one that we should see and live in order to increase our spiritual inner vision, because oxygen is scarce due to the fact of our way of life.

This stage of discovery will surprise you, let's just hope that it awakens in you memories of a better world.

Learning to build our new vision is to access a more radiant future, and to already allow the power of our thought, to choose our camp, where fears no longer have a hold on us, and where we walk on. a path of clarity. Our difficulties with others disappear, we no longer judge, and we accept that others are different, in words, in actions, and in diversity .... The difference, the one that bothers, must disappear, without having to be channeled by all thought forms.

To be multidimensional is not only to have a futuristic vision, but it is to see the becoming on our beautiful earth. It is seeing and understanding the different cultures, the different and magnificent races that inhabit our world, it is accepting that everyone has incredible and multiple needs and visions, in order to feed on diversity and live in a diverse world and not globalized. We are there, all different forming a people of multitudes which cannot be conditioned, but already living in multidimension.

Multidimensionality means refusing to box sardines for human beings, without allowing them to think, and without a future.

Wake up! You are alive ....

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