3- How to manage your FEARS, or play with, the game of LIFE.

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We'll, if you don't mind, play, and here are the rules of the game.

Life is a game, like all games, there are cheaters, liars, bad losers, ungrateful people, abusers ...the list is long especially since this game is a treasure hunt!

And you are on a boat leaving for the southern seas ... wow! Quite the adventure!

The sea is, depending on the period, rough and some areas experience typhoons and cyclones, devastating everything in their path.

The important thing is to arrive alive on an island, where crocodiles live, but where there is sun, coconuts, exotic fruits and sandy beaches. And where the pirates hid a fabulous treasure.

During this trip, there will be a lot of unknowns like labyrinths, the walk of fire, snakes ...

Having arrived on the island you will have to discover, well hidden behind lianas, a large stone. Shift this door of rock and enter a dark cave.

Now the first part is crossed, it will be necessary to keep in balance on a wooden board by one foot wide and thirty long. Below is a void and water where crocodiles live ... Phew!

If you pass the tests, you will come to a stone above a sarcophagus in which the treasure is locked. For your journey, you will already identify your fears, and now you will discover how each situation might weaken you, or strengthen you in your physical body, and in your emotional body.

We know that the energies or the polarities of Yin and Yang make us understand that a simple imbalance can cause a shift of force and lead to conflicts, dualities in you and inevitably with others.

Never lose sight of the fact that we are responsible for our actions, and that everyone will have consequences for us and for others.

This will make you either a victim or an executioner, and the savior will only be there when you understand that in our quest for the treasure, we will be the only one to play those 3 roles.


Now this is really a game to help you understand and to find yourself. It is important that what you are going to experience, even if it sounds like fiction, may also be what you have been through. Some will recognize each other, and as if by chance, everything being according to the perfectly orchestrated laws of the Universe, they will see their difficult or happy moments again.

It's just a game, that of life, so that you don't take all situations too seriously: You just have to understand, that what we create becomes reality, and that as fast as we created it, it can disappear as quickly.

Fears are ILLUSIONS, it's up to you to make them disappear or tame them. Some fears are more painful than others, but they are or have been a function of our acceptances, or they come from our previous lives...

It is important to learn to LIVE.


It is the trump card, an asset, which can get us out of bad positions. It represents our heredity, the one that our parents passed on to us, namely:

- Strength

- Health

- Vigor

- Power

Everything related to the physical plane.

Then what our soul has accumulated as experience in our past lives, namely:

- Soul Strength

- Will power

- Discernment

- The Light

- Self-confidence

- Love

- Radiation or Purity

The Pawns

This is about US, it is the benchmark to move forward, backward, according to our fears. It is the horse and its rider of light coming to conquer its inner world, often populated by ghosts, chimeras, which will have to be dealt with. The pawn will face the thousand and one torments, and will move towards the ultimate goal of the Initiation: The LET GO.

He will also meet other riders on his way, some will do a bit of the journey with him, and others from whom he will have to protect himself (the troublemakers ...)

The goal being to never judge, it is however recommended to avoid disturbances, and to use its discernment in order not to be destroyed.

However in life we ​​have our free will, and no one, and especially not in the name of beliefs, should allow themselves to be destroyed. These are in fact only beliefs. All belief-based religions are mystical, and can in no way be a finality, but can be seen as a step towards clarity. Everything can be explained, demonstrated, to be accepted. It is now possible.

By reasoning, by comparison, in an empirical, logical, and non-rational way, we can understand that everything follows one another, harmonizes, balances, but that what is rational is not necessarily logical, but linear.

The dices

A die is made to be thrown. This represents the energetic force that you are going to put within yourself to project your thought of creation.

What you desire will come true: good or bad.

Give yourself the opportunity to move forward... beware of pitfalls, but have no doubt.

Every opportunity to move forward must be controlled by YOU. You are all capable, don't be swayed. This is called the oral subliminal: PERSUASION.

Life is made up of lessons, be good players ...!

The Cards

They represent the obstacles that you put yourself, but also the initiations that your soul, your conscience, your higher self, place on your road in order to slow down your vehicle which sometimes gets carried away.

The games are therefore open, we are living the grand finale, where the Shadow and the Light seek to balance each other. The Shadow is afraid to disappear and pulls out its last cards, and the Light moves timidly for fear of making a mistake. Either for both the Fear of Death for the Shadow, and the Fear of the UNKNOWN ... for the Light.

The Shadow has been exaggerating, having for 26,000 years descended too far into the darkness. It therefore finds it difficult to pull itself together, and sees the Light as a death for it and not as an opening, a new birth towards a new form of life.

The Light, weakened by the past, staggers and rebels against the Shadow called to disappear. For the purpose of cosmic continuity, the shadow has to give way to the Light, and again one day the Light will give place to the Shadow, but on ever higher vibratory planes. It is the alternation of Yin and Yang.

We are living a gigantic improvised play, without knowing the end of the story but where everyone will applaud, ... the Universe being presently in an act of INFINITE LOVE.

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