4- The Physical Plane, and the influence of Thought on the body ...

Dernière mise à jour : 18 déc. 2020

Everything that we think influences electromagnetic exchanges in our body, and will transform it positively... or destroy it.

The current intensity of what we are living, leads us to reposition ourselves in the way we approach things; we can start with the interrelation between this world in transformation, in phase of destruction, and the work of thought on oneself. It's primordial.

We are on a very complex energy plane, and we often forget that our Thoughts are part of this whole. If we understand how this works, we can direct our thoughts, towards our organs and restore in a positive way its good functioning, to heal the mistake we made.

The visualization of the organ, and the knowledge of the energetic circulation of the meridians make it possible to restore the good functioning of the body with the Power of Thought. There are excellent studies in Chinese Taoist medicine for this.

Therefore, it is important to know that, depending on how you think, will cause you to eat poorly, or vice versa, if you think well you will be eating well.

So you can transform your life with the Power of Thought ... and later transform everything around you mentally ... but there is a big job to do: Start by accepting, and letting go.

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