5- The important role of fears on our health

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Before unmasking fears, we will try to identify them, look them in the face, to better see them disappear.

By constantly hearing descriptions of other people's problems in consultations, and by comparing them, we quickly realize that many fears and anxieties have the same origins. If we start by grouping them together, it is easy to see that there are in fact 4 groups of fundamental fears.

It is by researching the origins and by dint of dialogue with patients that we understand the repetitive mechanisms of fears. At least what causes fears and especially the continuity of their repetitions without apparent solutions.

We may be standing in front of a wall and not being able to imagine what is behind it. It is only by going around that one may discover the magnificent garden that it hid.

If a person cannot find an explanation for their torment, it is obvious that the space around them will shrink and fill up only with fear. Excellent springboard for the destruction of health, physical and mental.

The stress generated by this situation will not allow you to have the emergency exit that would allow you to free yourself. It's the nightmare. It is often important to have an outside listener in order to re-establish the connections of what one could call the vacuum.

The person will need to work on their INNER STRENGTH, and not be caught up in external influences.

Fears can be defined in 4 groups:

- Fear of DEATH

- Fear of MISSING

- The Fear of What will we say

- The fear of the Unknown

Why these 4 groups? Because they represent the essential elements of LIFE.

To know :

- Death that puts an end to life.

- To be lacking on all levels, because with nothing we cannot advance.

- What will we say, because without friends we do not go far.

- The Unknown to lose everything and especially one's points of reference.

They highlight the essential points in life which are:


- EAT, sleep, have

- Loneliness or interior emptiness, because humans are made to live in society, to BE.

- The points of reference, the foundation, the beliefs, the stability that one does not let go like that, unless you are a daredevil.

So everything is comfortable ... only, it is forgetting the FEARS that are there to destabilize the whole of the magnificent pyramid of comfort that we would like to keep. Then the fear machine sets in motion ... it is the collapse of the beautiful house of cards. And it is because we believe ourselves to be immune that the shock is the most unbearable.

If in our society we were prepared for change, for the way to orient one's life, and ... for the means to negotiate its turns well, we would know how to avoid the torments of fears.

On an energy level, these fears will slow down the functioning of the Kidneys first, energy reducing by the same, in the generation (See in Chinese Medicine), the adrenals, reducing the lifespan, then the following organs: the liver, gallbladder, heart, small intestine, stomach, spleen, lungs, and large intestine. First descent into hell, since after that it will be the physical organs that will be reduced .... hence the diseases. You choose!!!!

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