7- CREATIVITY, LOVE, Wisdom, Sounds, music, ART- and the Spiritual Plan.

Dernière mise à jour : 2 déc. 2020

In the universe, all is creation and all positive creation is LOVE, because it is generated by the heart.

Whether it is music, singing, sculpture, architecture, painting, or all forms of art, it is an act guided by the feeling, the imagination, and generated by all the vibratory frequencies of Love emitted by the Universe. Capturing these frequencies in order to make a concert hall vibrate, or stir up gallery visitors, manage architectural forms, is to capture the invisible, in order to project it into space, and transmute life. Each work of art is unique, and each resonance of a work emanates a moving message for those who know how to look at it, or hear it.

Awakening is thus done. It feeds on beauty, invisible messages, allowing it to transform and improve. Without the form, the sound, the colors, expressed in multiple ways, the world would already have died.

Life in the Universe is constantly evolving, transforming in order to improve, and each initiatory passage difficult to live such as the 26,000 years spent in the dark, serve to purify the miasmas buried deep within yourselves, in order to carve the rough pebble that you are into a magnificent diamond. It is to understand, that nothing is left to chance, and that the transformation of each one is linked to the efforts made to transform ourselves into a being of light. This phase therefore leads to the creation of another body or plane, this one being spiritual, called SPIRITUAL PLAN. Either the work of the mind.

Our work is therefore to put our 3 bodies, physical, psychic (or emotional) and spiritual, in harmony, in order to circulate in us, the energies coming from the Universe, and from the Earth.

Without understanding all of this, and the balance of these 3 planes, you would be crippled, blind, and aimless.

The goal is therefore to let go, and to work on yourself.


suite by Maev

For this you have several axes at the level of art, whether it is sound, at the auditory level, the culinary art at the level of taste, the visual arts for the gaze, the vision, the perfumes at the level of smell, or the touching with the art of massaging for example ..... Everyone develops our senses in us, and reposition us in energetic harmony capable of capturing what is invisible to the naked eye.

Each sense of our body has a way of awakening, but the vibratory process is the same: when one of your senses opens by vibrating, it is the emotions of the heart which come into action, and transmit to your brain the feeling of pleasure. The ensuing joy factor awakens in us a need to return to this situation.

Thus, the more there are openings by the awakening of the senses, the more your whole body will vibrate, and will bring you to the state of receptacle in agreement with the Universe. We are one with the universe, and the more we seek to get closer to it, the more we gain access to a dimension of intelligence and understanding, allowing us to better understand the interrelationships of the cosmos, and the why of our reason for to be and to live.

This awakening state should be part of our children's education, in order to develop multidimensional intelligence, and solve the sordid problems of our humanity. Thus we would not be at the moment asking ourselves questions about the why and how, we would know by ourselves how to position ourselves and act.

The duality of humanity, shadow and light would not exist, and we would be there to learn from ourselves and from others.

Everything needs to be changed and reformed at the educational level, in order to effect a transformation of our behavior towards more wisdom, and to open a door leading us to multidimensional transformation and the passage to another state of consciousness. Everything is easy. But it is important to understand that consciousness does not stop at our little person, but that the universe is composed of multiple worlds, complementing each other, and exchanging ad infinitum.

What will make the body, the mind, and the Soul vibrate passes through us, but refusing it destroys in us all possibilities of developing ourselves spiritually.

To have worked in micro-vibratory physics on sounds and music, I discovered that the sound was round, and capable of transforming blockages, physical, psychic, into circulation routes giving us access to consciousness and to Awakening. I call them the Musics of the Future ....

The composition of the music allows to construct positively or negatively, and the person who composes the music to construct or transform positively, will seek in space the frequency necessary for the realization of the piece of music.

These personal sensors channel the frequency, sound, and arrangement of pieces in an altered state of consciousness. That is to say by serving as a receptacle, or sensor, of frequencies traveling through infinity. This is why

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