8-The Divine Mediator, positive side of the evolution of humanity-Meeting of the 3 planes, The Crown

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VAV or WAW the 6th letter of the Hebrew alphabet: Numeric value 6

The researchers of the " 666 " symbolism in the apocalypse have always sought the explanation of this number, this one being predicted like a number of a man, but resulting from the beast, forgetting that what is above is like what is below. If "666" corresponds to a symbolism in the Apocalypse as number of a man, such as the V of victory used in particular by certain groupings of the shadow, it is normally found in reversed symbolism, in the light .

It is the play of Light and Shadow that we are currently experiencing. We therefore sought another positive explanation for the 26,000 year cycle to come in order to make this symbol positive, in the light.

So if the number of a man is also found in the light, it can also be the new man to be yet constructed, by bringing together what will allow him to become a man realized, in the light.

For this to happen the new man has to become a realized being and it is therefore important for this that the 3 parts of himself form one.

What do we mean by 3 parts?

The 3 plans:

We have seen the different planes that make up the human being, namely the physical plane, with its heredity, its relationship with its mind and thoughts in order to stay healthy. Then, with the natural development of its emotions, builds the psychic plane. Finally, the evolution or necessary personal growth, in order to have circulating the energies to allow the opening and evolution of the spirit and the different doors lead to the spiritual plane.

As we know, it's a quite the journey through many lives and evolutions. With this ending cycle, metal cycle or also called kali yuga or iron age, all those hardships are forcing us to evolve.

Although the course was rough, it was necessary to separate the wheat from the chaff. But the harshness and relentlessness of those hardships could have been more brotherly. This cycle actually lacks flexibility, intelligence, and above all, Love. We are glad that it finally ends. Just as night precedes day and disappears for a time, day takes place for a time or cycle.

So how can we understand that these 3 plans can come together, to allow the unification of the human being and his awakening in order to make room for the light.

Every plan requires a transformative effort, and time is running out. How then to unite these 3 plans?

There is a certain common sense which, if you ask yourself the right questions, it will show you the right way. Food is part of it, and the quality of everything you breathe, eat, drink, absorb... ranging from your plate, to the quality of your homes, through the way you look after yourself and you behave... (This is a whole exchange that we can have on this site in order to allow you to better understand...To be continued).

All the exchanges in your body through food, thoughts, emotions, will improve the circulation of your energies, allowing you to open your energy centers, i.e. the different energic centers: coccygeal, hara, solar, cardio, throat, frontal, and finally when the time comes, the coronal or Kether chakra. This latter is at the top of the skull, and allows for awakened beings, the opening of the crown, or Kether, or the crown chakra. You know this magnificent sun which will allow you to go even further in your evolution.

2020 is the year of Kether or Coronal, hence all the initiations that we experience, in order to position ourselves in front of the right decisions to be made. Time for CHOICES!

This perfect agreement of the 3 planes in fact, does not happen by itself.

There is a Hebrew letter for this: the letter VAV, (or vov or waw) is the sixth consonant of the Hebrew alphabet, with a numerical value of 6.

VAV is defined as a Divine Mediator, in the shape of a hook, having the action of uniting, of connecting in order to have the discernment on pride and powers. For those who do not know, each letter of the Hebrew alphabet with the number of 22 consonants, has a frequency and a numerical value giving it a powerful action. The complexity and the use of Hebrew letters is of great power, we will see it later...

The hook, of VAV or WAW, thus serves to connect the whole of each on the 3 planes by a digital power of 6,6,6, or link between the 3 planes.

Why ?

According to the book of Kabbalistic principles, WAW is presented as follows (extract from the book of Rabbi A.D Grad- The secret keys of Israel at Robert Lafond- Edition the doors of the strange:

WAW, or VAV is:

- Sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, unique consonant that can also be considered as a vowel, and a single letter.

Numeric value: 6

Belongs to the kabbalistic plane of archetypes.

Ontological meaning: Conjunction

Like the letter Hey, the letter WAW is part of the sacred Tetragrammaton. The Master of Everything said to him (During the creation of the world): "it is enough for you and for your neighbor the letter Hé to appear in my Name, to constitute the mystery contained in my Name and to be engraved and marked in Name. So I will not use you to effect the Creation of the World. "

Indeed when the Master of Everything wanted to create the world, he brought in all the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, and defined for each, its place. The letter WAW was therefore defined as a conjunction, connecting for a numerical value of 6 to the sacred.

On a kabbalistic level we can therefore use the link between the 3 planes according to the conjunction in the form of a hook, and obtain:

the 6 of the numerical value

the 6 of the link between the spiritual and the psyche.

the 6 between the psyche and the physical.

This link therefore enables the 666 of light to be positive.

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