9-Power of the Spirit- Inner Force-Power of the lever- forget the programming of the shadows

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The Power of the Spirit

Just as it is important to exercise for building your body, it is the same for the mind.

The mind is in fact the articulation of thought, through the mechanisms of the brain. It is to use one's intelligence (of the word intelli-manage), that is to say knowing how to link things together, to arrive at actions and conclusions, or actions - reactions. We think, we choose, we act. It could end there, but our brains are good at exploring out of the cranial, and acting like a computer by launching and propelling its energies.

It starts with you ... of course!

Indeed, we are conceived as computers, ultra sophisticated, and our brain is able to connect itself into the bio-technological system that it is, on networks of thoughts traversing the universe, terrestrial and human. He is able with training to do better, much better than artificial intelligence. Why and how?

We have seen that we are functioning in energies throughout our body, but that we can also think positively or negatively. This allows those in the shadows to also use their brains to create not very funny actions. Why ? Because their brain is constrained by downward pull, their thoughts being negative, while the light conveys upward thoughts and actions or purity.

The negative cancels out, while the positive constructs.

The dark forces must make even more effort to destroy, than they would deploy in positive .... Positive thought, will seek the energies which strengthen it, while negative thought builds negative destroying it. -even. Hence the certainty that the negative cancels itself out, while the positive strengthens. This is the computer story of the virus, and cleaning programs ...

Just like on the internet, we will seek our information, and sort the good from the bad in order to create what will be beautiful, constructive, creative, while the negative creative will lead to the annihilation of creation (Wars, pollution, bacteriological wars, vice, killings, ...)

It is therefore by developing our mind and our energies that we will come out of the darkness.

Being healthy, perfecting our energies and making them circulate, will bring us to mental health allowing the development of the spirit through space. Your brain is the biggest powerhouse, the biggest computer designed to empower you and be who you are, a self-sufficient awake being. Discern the good from the bad: see where the good and the bad are, smell .... never forget that you have 5 senses to work.

Never forget that you are only using 10% of your brain ..... so develop it!


Whether or not you know how to use your energies, if your inner strength is weak, you will always need others to help you. It has to do with the experience of your soul in past lives, and the little effort you put into strengthening yourself.

The strength of the body is acquired by monitoring your health in energy, by eating well and preferably Organic so as not to absorb heavy food, slowing the circulation of energies by polluting them, which cancels out positive energies, and deprives you of your physical strengths. Illness is the main result.

It is therefore important to work on your WILL, to acquire inner strength. The one that will give your mind the training necessary for its growth. Become fighters, winners. And the more you feel this force in you, the more you will move away from the destructive forces. No need to try to confront anything, or anyone, the best way to shed this plague of Shadow is to look away, and ignore it. Evil always ends up destroying itself. Just be yourself, and know how to say NO ... with a smile!

The best way to work on your inner strength is to believe in it, and to see that you are moving forward, proud of yourself and of the decision you have made to move forward. The "I want, and I am".

The power of the lever: To forget the programming of the Shadow.

Ah! Lift up your laziness, act and be responsible, don't let yourself be led by the nose ... that's quite a job. Do not let ourselves be dominated by fears, our fears, so kindly maintained by ease, and weakness ...

I'm going to tell you a story ... my story to better understand:

"Little girl I lived through terrible things ... during the great war. The bombs whistled everywhere, and at each alert, my older sisters took me each by the hand to jump into a trench dug by my mother and deep. 2 meters. At the time the Nazis occupied half of the country, sowed terror everywhere. I was trembling in front of the "skull" SS having invaded the village. It would take too long to describe what I saw. , heard and suffered ... But the memory that I kept of it took a long time to transcend.

I was afraid of the dark at night, just as I passed out when I walked into a hospital, and for years I had to struggle with these fears, these anxieties ... without being able to dominate myself.

It was at the age of 37 that I decided to take charge and after working on myself, I managed to overcome my fears, this fear of the unknown, and to die. How? 'Or' What :

Walking at night on a deserted road for 5 km, turning around at each crack, but analyzing what I had heard. I was shaking, but each step made me understand that death is nothing but an illusion, and that the unknown was to be discovered.

When I got to my room, I cried with joy, seeing that I had overcome my fears. "

You can also do what I have done, you can be sure.

Life is a big school, and you are its students. And believe me, the forces of darkness are as fragile and illusory as the programming they were kind enough to teach you. Do 'BOO!' and they disappear, they are more afraid of you because they are weak and illusory. TURN YOUR BACK to them, and they laughed at them, they will disappear ....

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